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The Economic Intelligence Unit maintains and updates a range of data-sets that are used to measure the Black Country’s progress.

Accessible in the table below, the datasets - grouped by theme - form the indicators in the Black Country Performance Management Framework.

To view the information in Excel just click on the download link next to the Indicator title.

Indicators Last Updated Data Table
Gross Value Added per head (£) Dec 2016 Download
Total Gross Value Added (£ million) Dec 2016 Download
Annual Gross Earnings for Full-Time Employees (£) - Residence Based

Oct 2016

Annual Gross Earnings for Full-Time Employees (£) - Workplace Based Oct 2016 Download
Number of Active Enterprises Nov 2016 Download
Number of Births of New Enterprises Nov 2016 Download
Survival Rates of Newly Born Enterprises Nov 2016 Download
Pupil Performance at Key Stage Two Jan 2017 Download
Pupil Performance at Key Stage Four (GCSE) Jan 2017 Download
A Level Performance Feb 2017 Download
% of 16-18 Year Old NEETs by month & quarter May 2016 Download
% of Working Age Population by Qualification Level Apr 2017 Download
Total Number of Claimants by month Feb 2017 Download
Number of 16-24 year old Claimants by month (Youth Unemployment) Feb 2017 Download
Worklessness Aug 2016
Jobs by Sector Sept 2016 Download
Employment by Occupation Apr 2017 Download
2011 Census Population by Age and Sex July 2012 Download
2011 Census Population by Ethnic Group Dec 2012 Download
Mid Year Population Estimates June 2017 Download 
Indices of Deprivation Sept 2015 Download
Local Area Adult Health Profiles 2015 Link
Local Area Child Health Profiles 2017 Link
Adult Participation in Sport January 2017 Download
Notifiable Offences Recorded by the Police Apr 2016 Download
CO2 Emissions June 2017 Download
Number of Dwellings Apr 2017
Average House Prices (£)
Dec 2016 Download